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Savannah teacher an archaeologist by night

Savannah teacher an archaeologist by night


Grapeshot from the private property at the Battlefield at New Market Virginia,

Grapeshot from private property at the Battlefield at New Market Virginia,

I recently attended a hunt at a piece of private property that was a part of the Battle of New Market in New Market Virginia. The farm is currently used for raising sheep. I went with a group from the Monroeville Area Metal Detectors Club out of Monroeville, PA. There were about 17 metal detectorists that attended. About half of the group found Three ring bullets, one found a Connecticut Militia button and another found a spur. I found a piece of grapeshot (about the size of a golf ball) that would have been loaded into a cannon with about 20 to 30 other and fired at close range at the enemy. I cannot tell whether it was fired by the Union or Confederate sides.

2 Piastre Turkish Coin found in a yard in Pennsylvania

Found a Turkish 2 Piastre coin in the front yard of a house that once belonged to my grand parents. They never traveled to Turkey, but my father who lives next door did many times.I also found a 1944 Mercury dime, so my silver coin total for 2014 is now 2.

2 Piastres Turkish coin

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First Silver 10 Feet from my own Front Door

First Silver 10 Feet from my own Front Door

Found this Mercury dime 10 feet from my front door using my Fisher F5 with the sensitivity maxed out. also found a war nickel, a buffalo nickel and a couple wheat cents in the same hole.

Finds from Seeded Hunt

Went to a seeded metal detector hunt last Saturday. It was held by the Monroeville Area Metal Detector Club. It was a great opportunity to get to learn to use my Minelab E-trac. Here’s a picture of some of my finds. All clad and all fifty cent pieces, quarters and silver dollars.
seeded hunt 2013-10-05 14.12.05

Upgraded my metal Detector to a Minelab E-Trac


I recently upgraded my metal detector to a Minelab E-Trac. I discovered that I enjoy finding silver coins and was having a difficult time finding them with my Fisher F5. I went out with a new friend and he found two silver quarters and a dime to my none. Before digging on two of the quarters he let me see how strong the signals were with my F5. I barely had any signal at all and would have most likely past them by. I then went home and ordered a new E-Trac.