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Acu-Rite Model 01050C Weather Station

Acu-Rite Model 01050C Weather Station

Here’s a picture of the web interface for the Acu-Rite Weather Station that I bought. I had a bit of trouble at first getting the Bridge to connect to It has been up and running now for 4 days without problems. I installed it on my roof on day three and it seem to help get a more accurate wind speed reading.


Savannah teacher an archaeologist by night

Savannah teacher an archaeologist by night

New Weather station

I purchased a new Acu-rite Model 01050 Weather Station in my yard yesterday. I can link to it on the web.
Why? Because I can.

Acu-Rite Weather Station

U.S. Navy Installs 3D Printer On Their First Ship, The USS Essex

U.S. Navy Installs 3D Printer On Their First Ship, The USS Essex

Metal Detecting Bethel Park, PA

Walking Liberty Half Dollar

Metal Detecting Hunt 4/17/2014

Found a couple of silver coins in my grandparents old yard.

1918 Walking Liberty Half Dollar

1918 Walking Liberty Half Dollar

Found my first silver half dollar recently and it is a 1918 Walking Liberty Half dollar. My sister and brother in law on a house that was built in the 1930s and let me hunt their side yard. I also found some clad and about a dozen wheat pennies.